Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Elder Jesse Wynn, Servant of the Lord!

Well, I'm a little late with this post, but I wanted to show our preparations for Jesse's mission and the pictures at the MTC.Here are some of the pictures we took with family & friends before he left.
To see pictures now that he is serving in Sunnyvale, CA, go to his Facebook page, we'll post all the pictures & news from his mission there!

All packed and ready to go! Wow! What a handsome missionary!

Saying Good-bye to Dash, he even gets a good-bye doggie kiss from Dash! This was a sweet moment, like Dash knew he was going somewhere for a little while. Lump in my throat for sure!

We attended the Family History Celebration at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. It was a fun event. Jesse & I went and took Caleb, Liesel & Ammon with us. These are Jesse's new glasses for his mission.
A friend's good-bye for Justin. This was the night before Justin went to the MTC! I love the expression on Jesse's face!

Tuesday night before Justin went to the MTC, we took the two boys to the Salt Lake Temple for a session. It was a great last night together. These boys have been buddies since they were 4 years old!

We had some cardboard cutouts of Jesse, Andrew and Sarah's brother made to take to the wedding on May 7th. Here's Jesse side-by-side with his cut-out look-alike. Funny, huh!

Grandma & Grandpa Glenn came down on Sunday for dinner. This would be the last time before his mission to see them & say good-bye. They have been such a wonderful influence in Jesse's life!

I love these pictures taken at the MTC before we went to lunch! Jesse's missionary "Jump for Joy!" Priceless!

Jesse's last 'civilian meal', what could be better that J-Dawg's polish dog with special sauce. Seth opens wide for his next bite. Love it!

It was fun to have cousin Kimberly with us for the MTC drop-off. I think this is a great cousin picture!

A sweet good-bye hug for Liesel, Jesse's biggest fan! She is so affectionate and loving! Her emotions were close to the surface that day! We remembers Jesse in her prayers each day, it's so sweet!

A last piggy-back ride by little? brother Seth, & a SWEET picture with Camille at JDawgs!

A hug for little brothers, Ammon & Caleb. Take a close look at Caleb's expression. That's so tender! Big brother to littlest brother good-bye hug for 2 years. Caleb may finally be catching onto this whole Jesse's leaving for a mission thing. The day Jesse was packing, I overheard a sweet conversation between Jesse and Caleb. Caleb:"Where are you going Jesse?" Jesse: "I'm going on my mission, Caleb." Caleb:"How long will you be gone?" Jesse:"For 2 years! Caleb" Caleb:"Is that a long time Jesse?" Jesse: (choked up)"Yeah, Caleb that's a long time." Caleb:"Oh." Then a big hug for Jesse. It was heart-wrenching!!

A last hug for Dad at the curb....

And then off he went! This was our last look at him for the next 2 years! Well done Jesse! "Move On! Go Forward! And aren't we lucky?!" YES! I am! Love, the MOM

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Day for David & Sarah!

We went to Oakland, CA for David & Sarah's big day-Friday, May 7th, 2010. It was a beautiful day! The flowers at the temple were so spectacular! The weather was perfect; sunny, with a little nice, cool breeze. The view over the San Francisco Bay area was almost completely clear, you could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance even. It was a perfect day for David & Sarah to begin their lives together! They both were so happy! Sarah was a beautiful bride! Here are some pictures from the beautiful Oakland temple.

Monday, February 15, 2010

High School State Swim Finals

This weekend was the High School State Swim Finals at Brigham Young University. It was an exciting meet for Seth! Although he was only swimming in one event, the Men's 100 Yrd. Backstroke, it was Seth's goal to get a personal best time and a qualifying time for WESTERN REGION SHORT COURSE SECTION CHAMPIONSHIP in Federal Way, Washington in March. His previous best time was a 56.83. He needed at least a 55.08 to qualify for Sectionals. So, going into the race, Seth was seeded 9th Place, just missing getting into the final heat of the Men's Backstroke. Here's the video of his big race. Seth is in Lane #4. You'll see he won handily, and take a look at the time on the board!

The end of the clip is the medals platform. We didn't get the part where Seth got up on the platform. One of his best friends, McKay King, took first place, setting a new High School State record. I like seeing them both on the platform, McKay rubbing Seth's mohawk and Seth's signature "Peck Dance!" The Men's team took 2nd in the State!
Way to go CAVEMEN!

Jesse's Mission Call

I'm interrupting our Mexico trip day-to-day blog to announce that Jesse received his mission call on Wed. Jan. 27th to the California, San Jose Mission! He reports to the MTC on Wed. May 5th! He's really excited! Here are some pictures of the mission call letter opening event we had at our house that evening!

I love this picture of Jesse, the expression on his face when he read California, San Jose mission. A big cheer went up from the crowd of friends and family that were there to support him! It was a great family event! We are proud of Jesse's enthusiasm and desire to serve!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Construction Day #2

The next day we started where we had left off. As we went, doors and windows were framed and the interior walls were started. The goal was to complete 5 more rows and do a second bond beam. Everyone is feeling pretty good about their wall building skills. Jesse and Camille made a good team and Seth and Brittani worked on their exterior wall. Here's some pics.

The second day the scaffolding was assembled as the walls were built taller. Windows and doors started to take shape too.

When our work was finished, we got cleaned up and went out to dinner at a great little restaurant called Ramone's. The Finlayson's had been here before & recommended it! It was great food & great company! Ramone's is famous for their fish & chips, they were yummy!

Here's our job foreman, Rick and his wife Alicia, great new friends!!

Nothing feels better than a hard day's work and a full stomach! We enjoyed the hot tubs back at Las Palomas. Another good day's work done! To be continued...