Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Elder Jesse Wynn, Servant of the Lord!

Well, I'm a little late with this post, but I wanted to show our preparations for Jesse's mission and the pictures at the MTC.Here are some of the pictures we took with family & friends before he left.
To see pictures now that he is serving in Sunnyvale, CA, go to his Facebook page, we'll post all the pictures & news from his mission there!

All packed and ready to go! Wow! What a handsome missionary!

Saying Good-bye to Dash, he even gets a good-bye doggie kiss from Dash! This was a sweet moment, like Dash knew he was going somewhere for a little while. Lump in my throat for sure!

We attended the Family History Celebration at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. It was a fun event. Jesse & I went and took Caleb, Liesel & Ammon with us. These are Jesse's new glasses for his mission.
A friend's good-bye for Justin. This was the night before Justin went to the MTC! I love the expression on Jesse's face!

Tuesday night before Justin went to the MTC, we took the two boys to the Salt Lake Temple for a session. It was a great last night together. These boys have been buddies since they were 4 years old!

We had some cardboard cutouts of Jesse, Andrew and Sarah's brother made to take to the wedding on May 7th. Here's Jesse side-by-side with his cut-out look-alike. Funny, huh!

Grandma & Grandpa Glenn came down on Sunday for dinner. This would be the last time before his mission to see them & say good-bye. They have been such a wonderful influence in Jesse's life!

I love these pictures taken at the MTC before we went to lunch! Jesse's missionary "Jump for Joy!" Priceless!

Jesse's last 'civilian meal', what could be better that J-Dawg's polish dog with special sauce. Seth opens wide for his next bite. Love it!

It was fun to have cousin Kimberly with us for the MTC drop-off. I think this is a great cousin picture!

A sweet good-bye hug for Liesel, Jesse's biggest fan! She is so affectionate and loving! Her emotions were close to the surface that day! We remembers Jesse in her prayers each day, it's so sweet!

A last piggy-back ride by little? brother Seth, & a SWEET picture with Camille at JDawgs!

A hug for little brothers, Ammon & Caleb. Take a close look at Caleb's expression. That's so tender! Big brother to littlest brother good-bye hug for 2 years. Caleb may finally be catching onto this whole Jesse's leaving for a mission thing. The day Jesse was packing, I overheard a sweet conversation between Jesse and Caleb. Caleb:"Where are you going Jesse?" Jesse: "I'm going on my mission, Caleb." Caleb:"How long will you be gone?" Jesse:"For 2 years! Caleb" Caleb:"Is that a long time Jesse?" Jesse: (choked up)"Yeah, Caleb that's a long time." Caleb:"Oh." Then a big hug for Jesse. It was heart-wrenching!!

A last hug for Dad at the curb....

And then off he went! This was our last look at him for the next 2 years! Well done Jesse! "Move On! Go Forward! And aren't we lucky?!" YES! I am! Love, the MOM


  1. Love the missionary pictures Brooks! Welcome to the missionary moms club! There's nothing better, is there? Hope you're having a great summer! Love ya friend!

  2. This made me cry, good tears, not bad. What a wonderful time for your family!

  3. Thanks for posting those. I don't know why but I get a little choked up over missionary stuff. He's going to be an awesome missionary.

  4. Wow--so sweet. You guys are an amazing family. Lots of love and i will definitely get on his facebook!